Relaunching Women

My thesis research was centred on the volume of professionally qualified women who leave the workforce in huge numbers for the purposes of staying at home, to care for their children, some women chosing not to return to work while on maternity leave. Other women return to work but find the work life balance eludes them.  Other women step out of the world of work to care for  family members who are ill, elderly or disabled, or as a result of suffering  a bereavement.  Women also stay at home because working conditions have proven to be static, with no flexibility in relation to flexi-time, job sharing or working from home. Yet the research also points to the fact that the loss of such qualified, educated, experienced and dynamic women is devastating to the labour market and  to the economy.

My own experience is that l took a career break, like so many other women, and decided not to return to my full time post.  My employment provided me  with little flexibility and a hectic heavy schedule which coincidentally required a great degree of of flexibility from me. During my career break  I used my time off to spend quality time with my children,  and to pursue things that are hugely important to me: learning, further study and personal development. The last number of years have been a journey of personal and professional exploration and development. I truly believe that it has a gift to myself and my family.

My interest in Coaching with women stems obviously from my studies and my recent research, and also from a sense of shared experience.  My work with women focuses primarily on exploring the self, looking at values, what is important to each person, what they seek to change and to offer a safe and constructive space to facilitate the journey of change.