In January it feels like everybody you meet is overhauling their life. The start of the new year seems like a logical time to do it.   The common question asked of us is – What is your New Year’s Resolution????

Not everybody can answer the question. Not everybody has a plan. The pressure to encapsulate how you want to change your life in a one sentence answer can be immense.  Even greater is the pressure to be able to answer this for ourselves. The real question is – Where to Start? Followed closely by- How to Start?

STOP. Stop for a minute.

Instead of completely overwhelming yourself  take it one step at a time.  What can you do today that could impact positively on your day, on your week?  Try something very simple for yourself.

Its just one step. Adjust your alarm clock.  Set it that little bit earlier, even by 15 minutes to begin with.

When your alarm clock goes off, get out of bed. if its cold put on a warm jumper, maybe your slippers. head to your kitchen. Maybe boil the kettle and make yourself a cup of warm water, or a herbal tea.  Sit down and just enjoy the silence. The moments to yourself. The luxury of time alone before anybody calls you, texts you, needs you. Just sit there and breathe and ease into your day.