As l start this next chapter of my life  I think of so many others embarking on their own journey to change. This can cause some huge amounts of stress or anxiety, for others it can be daunting, a little overwhelming, scary even.

It is important to stop for a minute and reflect. While you may feel alone, you are ,in fact ,very far from it.   Each and every day people make a promise to themselves to change something. To tackle an area of their personal or professional lives that is out of balance, or unhealthy, or not serving them well. While you cannot see others,  please know that you are one of a multitude of others who are setting out on that very same mission. So while we may be hidden from sight know that you are walking amongst others and we are all sharing the journey. Go gently, be kind to yourself and remember, every day brings a fresh start. Kindness matters, especially for ourselves.

If you have a dream, a vision for a new you, all you need to do is decide to just start.

In the words of Erling Kagge, in his beautiful book- Silence In The Age of Noise-

” the secret to walking to the South Pole is to put one foot in front of the other, and to do this enough times”.