Drive Change

Change. The word itself means: something else, something new, something different.

What changes do you seek in your life?

Some people feel a strong need for change and yet find it hard to pinpoint exactly what that change is,while some have a much clearer idea of what they need to do.

Where does your mind wander to  when you daydream?

What is that recurring thought?

When you imagine your life with the change you desire how does it make you feel?

Visualise it?

So many of us are lost in the imagining, the investment of days, weeks and months and sometimes years of wishing something in your life was different. That constant sense of  longing for something else creates its own ongoing sense of disappointment and sometimes a sense of hopelessness and despair.

We are so caught up in this cycle of imagining, that we fail to launch.
We dwell in the realm of alternative lives, different images, new careers, body weight, fitness level, return to work, return to education.

Many of us are harbouring these dreams, ideas and wishes that go around in our brains but never make it on to our agenda and further along to fruition.

Why is that?
What stops us?

Change is scary for some, unsettling for others, and absolutely terrifying for even more people.
Change can also bring with it a degree of impatience and intolerance. Some people embark on a plan only to abandon very quickly as they did not see change immediately, or the change did not follow the pattern they had expected.
The key thing to remember here is that change needs some thought, it needs time and it needs some patience and effort. You may not see any results immediately, that is not to say results will not occur.

Be prepared to dwell on it, decided what it is you wish to change, give time and thought to the intended outcome.  intended outcome is your goal.  From this point on you need to bring awareness to your actions- are they towards moves, or away moves. Each time you take a step, stop and think. Is this bringing me towards my intended outcome, or away from it?  If it is taking you away from it, then reflect on that and why you seem to be moving in that direction even while saying you want something different.

Then make a plan, with steps to be followed. See it as a process and not an event. Change can take place slowly but surely over time, but needs to be viewed as a work in progress and not a once off event.  So stay with it and extract the learning go:

What works for you and What doesn’t ?

What helps you?   Who helps you?

What inspires you?

But whatever you do, do go, make a start, make a plan, set your intention and channel all that energy into something real.

Be the driver of change in your own life!