A word that means to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

It is also synonymous with attempting, applying yourself, making an effort to reach a desired point or result.

So much of what we read in terms of self help or motivation focuses on themes like ‘reach for the stars’, ‘dream big’, ‘you can have it all’…and that is absolutely fine and it is exactly what some people need to hear. It’s the kick start they want and the mantra that will drive their change.   However, for others it can be daunting, overwhelming and intimidating. It can result in someone remaining stuck in a position they want to change, or reluctant to move forward as the task ahead seems insurmountable.

Come back to the word Strive now. Break it down for yourself. What can it mean for you wherever you are at in the present moment. Strive in its most simplest form  means to reach, to work towards.  Don’t get bogged down in what others are doing, what their goals are, what they are working toward, or what timeframes they have set for themselves.

Don’t compare yourself unfavourably with the dreams, goals, challenges and aspirations of others.

This is personal.

This is your journey.

Look at what it is you want, what do you hope for, where do your thoughts drift to when you think of what you really want ?  Don’t shy away from it if it seems a bridge too far. Sit and think about what you want for yourself. Visualise it, what will it mean to you, how will it make you feel, what positives will it bring to your life.

Then…make a plan. Not a master plan, not a hugely stressful plan that could possibly overwhelm you. Make a plan that works for you. Use your action as a antidote for your fear.

Make a plan, keep your dream in mind, and set out a series of steps for yourself to follow. Break it down for yourself and give yourself a starting point. Be kind to yourself as you start. Work through the first step and at the end, look at how far you have come, look at how you have moved yourself closer to where you want to be, look at how you have shown commitment to your goal, and congratulate yourself on your efforts so far.

Then move with confidence on to the next step. Strive slowly but surely in the right direction. Allow for setbacks, for things not to go as smoothly as you might have hoped for, for some things to be easier and others to be harder than you imagine. That is life, that is real and we allow for all of that. Just keep moving slowly but surely in the right direction.