Some will see a weed, others will see a wish?  What do you see when you look at this photograph?

How we view things and how we see things can have such an incredibly powerful impact on our wellbeing.

If our mindset is not right, then there is a knock on effect on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

I have heard so many people over the years telling me _ “well this is who l am and how l am and l can’t do anything about it”…. but actually you can. What’s more, repeating that kind of mantra to yourself and others only serves to reinforce that belief and to keep you grounded in that mindset.

If that mindset is not serving you well, why would you choose to continue with it?

If you develop and cultivate a mindset that is open to change, change will inevitably follow.

It is difficult to see how a situation can change, how a problematic area of your life can change, how things can get better, how you can feel happier.   There is no quick fix, or easy answer and you must allow for the fact that it can take time, it can take work, maybe sacrifice, or changing long held habits BUT change can happen.

IT must start with you believing it is possible, and more importantly believing you can make it happen.

Keeping an open mind is essential.  You have to train your mind to see the good things in your day. Some people are so entrenched in their difficulties they cannot see any good at all. This is not to minimise the difficulties people are faced with, but there can be good in each and every day, even if you have to concentrate initially to find it.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a small step that can help you to record one small thing you are grateful for at the end of each day. One thing that was nice, or something that made you small, some act of kindness from another, a kind word, a smile, something nice you say.  When l say keep it simple, l really mean keep it simple. THis is not a creative writing exercise. It is literally a way to end each day on a positive note for yourself. What you may realise over time, is that there has been kindness, positivity, generousity in your daily life, but you just did not see because you were so caught up in all your other difficulties.

The other thing to keep in mind, is that sometimes you just have the fake it until you feel it. It can take quite some time before you feel more positive, more open minded, more positive. You can chose to start each day by quietly telling yourself, ” today l am going to see good in the world”.  Its such a short sentence, and yet, it is a reminder to ourselves that yes while we acknowledge that there is bad in the world, there is absolute kindness too, and compassion and empathy and sympathy and we open ourselves to witnessing that too.