the word itself has so many meanings and yet at its essence is making a space for development and growth.

You prepare the soil for use and growth, and similarly with ourselves we prepare ourselves to develop and to evolve, to learn, to seek, to explore.

It  can mean to acquire or develop a new skill. It also means to try and win the favour or friendship of another.

At the core of this word is the central theme of making way for the new, we must do some groundwork ourselves in order to make way for change, for learning, for experiences for growth.

If something is out of sync in your life, or it is not going as you believe it should be, you need to be proactive and to put steps in place to rectify this.  Some of the steps may seem meaningless, but when you look at the steps collectively you see they all play a role in effecting change.

CULITVATE a new mindset,  where anything is possible, where you are open to change, open to learning and follow that path and see where it leads you. So often when things are not going as we wish them to we blame ourselves, where am l going wrong, should l have done that?? We get caught up in a cycle of self-doubt and this can be very disempowering.

We need to step back from the temptation to do that and to focus our energy on what is at the heart of the matter. Something needs to change. Look at where you imagine yourself going, what you imagine yourself doing and begin to believe you can build a bridge towards that.

“The person is not the problem, 

The problem is the problem”.

Paolo Freire

So start to think about growth, about creating opportunities for change, about looking at your world with a fresh pair of eyes and  identifying a new direction, a new mindset, a new way forward.