At many times during our lives we will feel we are at a crossroads. People worry and stress about making the right decision. There is fear associated with making the wrong move, heading into your future and realising that you have made the wrong choice.

Life is a journey, there are many paths we can all chose, ultimately we come to some form of decision making in our own minds. Some people deliberate at length, others make snap decisions based on gut feeling or instinct, others apparently on a whim.

I think we must believe that something has led us to make a decision each and every time, something in us is drawn to a particular path and we chose to go with that.

In making decisions we must believe that we are choosing this course because it is the best for us, at that given time. We have no certainty that things will go according to plan, or that they will and it won’t be what we had envisaged.  What we can do, is BELIEVE. BElieve in ourselves, believe we made the decision for a reason, and believe that we will give  it our very best, and then we will just have to take it from there.

So much of the learning in our lives comes from when things did not go to plan, or turn out as we  had expected.

So whatever else you do, do this with certainty- BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.