Many people are intimidated about the concepts of mindfulness or meditation.  In its most simple form, all that is being referred to is the simple act of making time just for you. Taking a few moments from your  day to just sit in silence. There is no need to worry about technique or how long you need to devote to it. Just identify a quiet time in your day where you have a few minutes to yourself and just slow down. That might mean getting up before everyone else in the morning for a peaceful five minutes, or at night when all have gone to bed. It might even mean that when you collect your kids from school you get there early and give yourself just a few minutes in the car to just sit still and relax.

There is no secret to this.  All you need do is literally, calm yourself down, stay still and relax. As you sit there just become aware of taking this time for yourself. Slowly  tune in to the sound of your own breathing. Even something as simple as  taking three very deep breaths.  Inahle slowly through your nose for   as long as is comfortable, hold the breath there for a few seconds, then exhale slowly through your mouth.  Another thing you can do with this is just to place your right hand over your heart as you do this, it is comforting to feel your heart rate begin to slow down.

If you did nothing else but that short time out for yourself once a day, it would be a few minutes very well spent.